Habits of Scholarship Holders

From what I've observed today, I repesent you with the findings of my observations: 1. Scholarship holders are more likely than others to give a higher priority to study over work. 2. Scholarship holders are more likely to not turn up when called to help with activites. 3. Scholarship holders are more obsessed with getting (what else?) more scholarships. 4. Scholarship holders will either work really hard or take life really easy. 5. Scholarship holders are usually interested in at least one of the subjects they are currently taking. 6. Scholarship holders generally are able to hold up that they will pass any subject beyond reasonable doubt. 7. Scholarship holders usually write a lot more letters. 8. Scholarship holders are extraordinary in at least two separate fields (usually).

Note that: Most scholarship holders will probably fulfill only about 3 or 4 things I stated here. My hiatus still on, just thought that it would be fun if I didn't abandon the site every time I have some emotional instability. LOL