Complex Post Made Even More Complex By My Complex Title With My Complex Thoughts From Complex Sources of Complex Inspiration

Look around you. What do you see? If you're reading this on a computer, you're probably in front of a monitor, with at least two speaker drivers facing you, together with a keyboard and a mouse. I myself have a pretty complex desktop. My 'desktop' has 4 speaker satellites, 3 pens, 2 pencils, one Japanese dictionary, a stack of CD-Rs, a stack of CDs, a box of my backup discs, a card reader, a cordless keyboard and mouse, a Graphire tablet, 2 boxes of diskettes, one printer, one scanner, a magazine, about 20 CD sleeves, a box of paper CD sleeves, a USB to miniUSB cable, a test pen, two batteries, a booklet from RO DreamSky, a Toastmasters Club card, Mirrodin preconstructed deck insert, cordless receiver, a CD box with Final Fantasy contained, a three to two pin adapter, a 50 sen coin, a 10 sen coin, a 1 sen coin, a dry battery shaver, about two DVDs, one hard drive, one 100CD holder,and one USB ADSL modem. Wonder how I do that? I have a multilevel desk, as it's pretty huge. Oh wait! I forgot, I have some semi-Teflon mouse feet and some alcohol wipes, together with some toilet paper. The desk used to hold a phone, which I have now moved to a short shelf next to me. I pretty amazed that under this entire mess, I can still think straight and write this post out as chaos wreaks havoc. People just died in the tsunami (I know, loads of threads to cut at once, but who cares?) recently. I have a tissue paper box nearby, but I ain't crying. There's another computer desk nearby, with a computer barely capable of handling a word search algorithm. I'm near a plastic stool and I have a plastic chair behind me. Cables are strewn behind the behemoth casing, threatening to fail the computer should they be disturbed.

In this chaos, I've been thinking about how many people have terrible misconceptions about gender dysphoria, and how they take transsexuals for transvestites. How many people even know what I'm talking about? I've actually talked about it before, probably in some inconceivable way through my old posts. What is gender dysphoria? Gender dysphoria is when a person experiences problems regarding their birth gender and their physical sex. Meaning, a person's brain can be actually a girl, while in the body of a male person, or vice versa. Why does a person like me care about people like them? Because they are being cast away as weirdos, left wing, oddities. They are no different from people with birth defects. It is commonly accepted that these erratic brain changes could happen for any number of reasons, usually in the mother's womb. They are as sane as we are (not like I'm very sane, speaking logically), just feeling a little disjointed and mismatched. You could call it a psychological problem, but you can't treat it with drugs. The anxiety will always be there. It is very real.

I'm pretty sure you'll think why is this such a big deal? I'm pretty sure no one on the face on this planet would mind living as another sex for one simple day. Let's change that timeline to eternity, and about 9999 out of 10000 of you will be screaming for mercy. The genders of boy and girl, man and woman have radical differences on a mental level, bearing different capabilities. However, these also means they have different needs, requirements, expectations, friends and so on. The truth is, there probably is no one person on Earth that is completely man, or completely woman. We all live in the gray spot. The problem lies in how gray. In general, we could say that men are better with conceptualization, but women are better in communicating. Men are better at specific tasks, but women are better at multitasking. Ever wonder why boys like different toys from girls? It's more than just peer pressure.

Usually, a person with gender dysphoria is called a transsexual. Well, now you know. Then, what is a transvestite? I would really call for despise for this group, but I wouldn't because I think everyone should be entitled to their own fetishes. A transvestite is someone who dresses up as the opposite sex for... umm... let's not discuss more. What's with the confusion? I don't know. I think the muddled masses think that two words that begin with trans- and involves the brain mean the same thing. Back to the gray spot. Thinking logically, there are women with good sense of direction, and horrible at trying to getting the message across (normal gender though). Is there a middle to this story? There is. Right smack dab in the range closer to the middle of transgenderism is a transgenderist. This is the third gender. The maybe. The hybrid being. Is it smarter? Yes. This third gender generally has a higher IQ than the rest of us.

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What do you think about this problem? I think you don't have much to say, but time to fix things for them, don't you think?

--Complex Post Part 1--