Free Internet?

Well, being as untraceable as ever on networks you did not log in to with hundreds of accesses in the log, while you are using a 'legal' terminal. It's a really interesting prospect. I believe Netware built in this hole, not as a hole, but as a contingency plan. What do you do when the Netware servers are down? Of course, I believe this trick only works on Windows 98 for some odd reason. While we weren't hacking Netware, we were having fun. Loads of fun. We were thinking of the possibilties. We could download pirated stuff under the institute's good name, putting porn on every computer, but we will never do such things. We are ethical enough to not do bad things, but we will definitely want to be unethical. Who doesn't want free internet? Free super large bandwidth for you to do everything you want on the Internet.

Do I hate Netware? Yes. I believe the Singapore Customs is using some version of Netware, and the networks crashed at one point, causing long delays to people. I hate Netware. In fact, I'll go to great lengths to show you how easy it is to circumvent Netware protection.

Not to say that Netware is bad, but I believe their server-side programs are lacking in stability, and when it crashes, it brings down the entire network. Nobody can do anything, and it can take hours to bring it back up, assuming you have a good backup of your database.Something has to be said about its instability. In addition to terminal usage leaks, it might actually be possible to circumvent even the user restrictions if you are good at fooling around with POL files.

I have one word for those people using Netware, make backups often, and make sure you have a failsafe. You might say I'm wrong, that I'm defaming Novell Netware, but heck, it happens. Face it. As for the developers, work on it. Crashes are intolerable at any time. If it's the OS, time to make a switch. ;)