Photo: 00 Raiser Box!

1/100 NG 00 Raiser Kit After more than a month of thinking about it, and allowing it to run out of stock all over the place, I've decided to finally buy a 1/100 00 Raiser kit. I've yet to open it - since I bought it just so that when I do want to buy and build it (which is after exams) - I actually have a kit to buy. It's been awfully difficult to find at the right price - but I've finally bought it.

You can guess what this means: more photos in May or June once I'm done building it - of course, I don't paint, so it's bound to look like crap (although it does mean it'll only take me one afternoon, rather than one month). :D

Photo: My Calculators!

Well, obviously, considering my course, I obviously use calculators. Here are the three I currently use the most. (besides my computer and my PDA) TI-30X IIB, Casio fx-115ES, TI BA II Plus

Experimenting with CG Bokeh

Now, I don't have the money for lenses with good bokeh - especially since I don't use them, so I started experimenting with other cheaper ways to simulate the effect - like generating the effect in Photoshop - no, not with Gaussian blur or lens blur. Something a little more convincing. the starting point

(Don't worry about the white line in the original, that's part of my selection work going a little awry.)

After a little selecting work, some third party filters, and the result is this:

The end result!

If you think it looks fake - look carefully at the table - and compared the two photos. You'll realise that only a very specific portion (or distance) from the Coke can has been blurred!