E3 Keynotes: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

Another year, another E3, another set of fun new announcements. As usual, Nintendo failed to impress me, with nothing I can think of being interesting, and anything remotely interesting is coming out next year. Phooey. Microsoft just blew everyone away with Project Natal. I have my doubts about how well it'll run in my crowded living room, compared to say, a certain handheld IR camera, or a really stupid looking wand, which you know, would probably work in a crowded living room, but I'm sure Microsoft has already thought of a solution. Otherwise, nobody living in a high density city can use Natal. :P

I can't say I'm fond of Microsoft and Sony's offerings this year besides their motion sensing tech. There Gran Turismo PSP - which must have been promised to us for what feels like ages now - I think it will be ages before we get it. More Halo! I seen so much Halo I think I'll immediately switch off my brain the moment I see more Halo. Best news for me was Forza 3's release date, which I of course already knew.