Photo: Mini Dice, Take 2!

Yes, I know this seems like a repeat of this post about dice. No longer used in my decision making process. I think.

Of course, two years later - I don't use dice for decision making any more. I've learned that planned consumption is significantly more rewarding, not to mention, I don't eat out quite as much as I did in 2006. Of course, my subjects are a lot harder this semester than they were that semester.

I realise after I took the photo that I should've shown you my full sized dice set instead - but I guess we'll leave that for another day when it comes time to show you more dice - which could the day after tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now - or maybe even: NEVER!

(The photo didn't turn out as I intended - I focused the camera on the wrong die, not to mention I probably shouldn't have put the 4-sided die in front, and put something a little more round instead. Oh well.)