Keeping Tabs on Travelling

My used Metcards - tells you a lot about me. These are my two latest used Metcards. If you don't already know, the prepurchasable tickets in Melbourne are called Metcards.

On the left is a 10 X 2-hour Metcard, and on the right is a 5 x Weekend Daily Metcard.

So - what does this tell you about me and my travelling?

The first most obvious thing - is that I (being the law-abiding, rule following person that I am) am not a fare evader. I pay when I get on - and get my money's worth travelling about the city.

The next thing you notice is there's a lot of 3:00am expiry times. This is because if you validate a 2-hour ticket after 6:00pm - the ticket is valid all the way until 3:00am. So - if you're counting, that's 9 hours of travel on a 2-hour ticket. That means I travel a lot more at night to maximize my travel time. There are caveats though - trains, trams and buses run at lower frequencies at these times (at best, they slow down after 8pm instead of immediately at 6 or 7.)

So what is there to do after 3:00am? I do a lot of things, like carry cartons of Coke home, go to Crown Casino for food, travel to suburbs far away for food... and the list goes on. Most recently, I had to go to the city to have a chat with potential employers, as well as fellow students that may in the future become my colleagues.

As for the others - there's always plenty of other random reasons, maybe I needed to travel a long way to a certain embassy, I was tramming down for some a huge sushi+sashimi lunch at Sushi Ten, or I just wanted to go shopping in the afternoon and planned to cart back loads of heavy groceries before heading back for home.

Weekend Daily passes are an awesome way to save money - a single use will last you the whole day - and since now it works on both Saturdays and Sundays - you can actually go to some places in Zone 2 which closed on Sunday that you couldn't go on a Sunday Saver for cheap.

It's fun to look back at these multiple use tickets - it's like a small log of your travels, your life and plenty of other funny things you do while in uni!

(Note - you might notice I am now posting larger versions of some photos now. Hehehe. As for why, let's just say - because it's something I couldn't do until recently.)