Malaysian Politics

I know I don't talk much about Malaysian politics on my blog. I follow a set of rather strict principles of self censorship. In fact, if you were to search this blog database, the only other talk about politics was about workplace politics at a certain computer store. That's not to say I'm not interested.

I haven't been completely up to date, but needless to say, plenty of things have happened since the last elections. The most notable of which is that Anwar Ibrahim has returned to the political stage - and is now leader of the opposition front. Even if he is unsuccessful in his takeover bid, there's already enough change to guarantee a somewhat more unpredictable outcome by the next elections.

Malaysian politics is taking a slow but sure conversion into a time of change. Most of us are hoping that the end of this period will bring about true democracy, and who knows what will be the state of affairs when the next set of elections comes around? One can't be sure whether the change will be for the better or the worse until it happens.

September 16th is coming. While I'm not expecting anything to happen on that day exactly, I'll eagerly be waiting Star Wars: The Force Unleashed that's coming out the next day - while observing intently for what might turn out to be a very interesting week.