Why I'm Not Particularly Happy Today

Now, I've connected myself to XBox Live every once in a while. Now, if you live in the UK or Australia, then you know full well what it's like waiting for Rock Band. We've been waiting for a LONG time - and we still don't have a release date to speak of. There has been no news whatsoever to speak of, besides the fact that it's coming out sometime this year. And then today, I logged in the XBox Live Marketplace to see this really nice ad. stupidrockbandad.jpg

*cue extreme annoyance and anger*

If you'll excuse me, I'll go back to writing out cover letters for potential employers after lunch, by when I've hopefully cooled off somewhat. :P

(Btw, if this is Microsoft's way of telling me to get the PS3 version, I'll be more than happy to do so. As soon as Play-Asia gets the stock to send me.)

Update: Just thought I'd post my gamercard.