My Third Year of University Begins Today!

And so begins my third year of university. Today. The first day of what is possibly my last year in the University of Melbourne. Oh, how quick time passes when you aren't looking. Here's what I have to do today besides go for class: 1. Get tertiary newspaper cards - since I wasn't in Melbourne during 'O' Week, I'll need to get my newspaper cards today. I'm not really interested in news and current affairs, but a newspaper is a good distraction from my daily life. I don't know how under a rock I would've been without the newspaper, especially since I dont' watch much television.

2. Get copies of my academic transcript! - I need copies of my transcript to try applying for jobs! I'm just applying this time round to gauge the jobs available to me this time round, but I still need a copy of that transcript to send off. Either way, I hope to find a suitable part time job this year, and do something useful with any extra time I have (if any).

3. Update my blog - I'm obviously already doing this now by posting this (but this is a scheduled post).

4. Raid Big W/Safeway - I always need to restock on stuff when I get back - and there's no day like Monday when all the offers are new and stuff is still in stock - unlike later in the week when everyone else has grabbed all the real good offers off the shelves.

5. Think about getting a new computer - I've already been thinking about getting the processing power I need, more now than ever before since I want to start programming more seriously and do more with my computer, I need to start looking for a more powerful processor that'll do what I need it to do. My PowerBook is enough for some work, but it's beginning to show its age when it comes to doing more taxing tasks.

6. Visit the bank - NAB has a new student account, and it might be a good idea for me to see if I can upgrade or just open a new account. A free Visa debit card seems like a good thing to have around (compared to my now generic NAB Flexicard).

Lots to do, and only so few days to do it!

Oh yeah, and something to add to my new year's resolution's list: Play loads of games - while still handling uni work well, as I've been doing somewhat OK the past years.