Stuff I Do Miss From Australia

Reply to a reply to What I Miss from Australia 1. Having everyone within walking distance - I think everyone who's left home to study will share this feeling - most people are no more than 15 minutes walk of each other, and going out together is a regular occurence rather than a special occasion. This is probably the best part of uni life. (Heck, our neighbours, kl and I kept going from apartment to apartment, sometimes leading to me locking kl out. Whoops. :P)

2. Boost and Bacio Dolce Melbourne fruit smoothies - Heh, I think there isn't much of a need to explain. Fruit smoothies taste good and make a good meal replacement.

3. My bed - usually one would miss the bed from home, I miss my bed from there. I spent a good amount of money on a good bed there, and it's comfortable, and its location is unbeatable - close to my table. Where the monitor and speakers and computer are. 'Nuff said.

4. The nice weather - In summer, I'm not there, but the rest of the time, the cold weather is heavenly. Even when it rains in Melbourne, it usually does its work in bursts of five to ten minutes. And no lightning storms to threaten your modem. (OK, so almost none.)

5. My file server and network - it was so convenient to have a file server that does BitTorrenting for you. As for my network? Well, I could stream video and audio to anywhere in the apartment. :D