My Favourite Five Games of 2007

1. Favourite puzzle gamePortal Portal Game Logo

(Copyright of Valve, I think.)

I think this is a no contest and no brainer. Portal is the best puzzle game for 2007. It may not have been long, the puzzles may not have been difficult - but it was fun. Crush for PSP was probably second.

2. Favourite RPG .hack//G.U. Series 424px-rebirthcover.jpg 425px-reminisce.jpg 425px-hack-v3-ps2-pack-front_big.jpg

(Images from Copyrights belong to Namco Bandai, of course.)

Yes, I know the Japanese games all finished the previous year, but the last two of the series didn't show up in English until this year. I don't care if you think it's repetitive, all the dungeons look the same, or there's too much grinding - it was fun for me. And being in several volumes means that the storyline is waaay better than that last game that started with 2Fs (and Persona 3 is even more repetitive). A close second for me would have to be Eternal Sonata (known to some people with another title - Trusty Bell).

3. Favourite first person shooter (FPS): Bioshock bioshockcoverfinalcropped.jpg (Heh, 2K Games.)

While it wasn't entirely FPS, and definitely wasn't an RPG - it was fun. Crysis and CoD4 are no challenge for its gameplay, UT3 is a multiplayer game, Halo 3 has just finally reached the stage of a good FPS (compared to the previous two instalments) and HL2 Episode 2 is too short for comparison to this behemoth (same goes for Resistance).

4. Favourite portable game: Gyakuten Saiban 3/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations gyakuten3.jpg (Heh, Capcom.)

No surprise here. Nothing beats this for sucking up my time even when I'm at home doing nothing else. Gyakuten Saiban 3 DS kicks ass.

5. Favourite music game: Guitar Hero 3 gh3demo.JPG

(Now Activision, right?)

3 words: Wireless Guitar Controller. Ok, so there's more to say. I love the controller. I love the song list. I love the difficulty and challenge. Way to go, Neversoft. Why no Rock Band? I don't have Rock Band. I happen to live in the PAL side of the world. You know how us poor PAL people get snubbed come holiday time when it comes to something as important to release at Christmas as Rock Band. (I will never forgive Harmonix and MTV Games - unless they give us more songs. XD)

There are other things to say about 2007.

Despite me liking the PS3 better as a device, I play more games on the XBox 360. I would've sold off my Wii a long time ago if not for the GameCube support. Believe it. Since computer system requirements are climbing at ridiculous rates, I haven't played much in the way of new PC games - for the most part, there aren't many good ones that came out this year, and those good ones came out on the XBox 360 or PS3 anyway. I like my consoles very much - and I believe they are the way to go when it comes to gaming. Having both the XBox 360 and the PS3 eventually land you more ability to play good games as they come than having an up-to-date gaming PC.

If you notice, I didn't put a favourite RTS there, but it most certainly is C&C3. It's just not as liked to the magnitude of the other 5 games. Supreme Commander is just way too slow for me, and the 'At War' series is well, not quite as fun as C&C3 is for me.

Assassin's Creed deserves an honourable mention here, since it was really fun, but unfortunately, repetitive and leaves much to be desired. But still fun.

As for a per console breakdown,

I think the best game to come out for PC was C&C3. (Portal was too short, Bioshock still feels very console-like to me) A close second would have to be Unreal Tournament 3.

The best game to come out for PS2, I'd still choose the .hack//G.U. series. No second place to speak of. Unless you want to count Guitar Hero 3.

The best game for PS3? I'd say Unreal Tournament 3. Heh. Folklore comes a close second for me.

As for the XBox 360, I think the best game would be Bioshock - with Assassin's Creed a close second.

As for the Wii, I think all the games are mediocre or average at best, so I'd have to go with Super Paper Mario - with Super Mario Galaxy a close second.

For the PSP, I liked Disgaea PSP a lot. Even for a remake of a game I have already played an identical version of, it was still fun. FFTactics was a HUGE disappointment. Crush would come second.

For the DS, I suppose nothing beats Gyakuten Saiban 3. Second? I'd have to say probably Brain Age 2.

My favourite developer is Blizzard (oddly enough the one that didn't release anything). Demos of Starcraft 2 are still playing in my head nonstop. I WANT THAT GAME.

(Note that there looks to be conflicts on my list, but in truth, there aren't. My favourite games aren't necessarily the best games on the console. They aren't synonymous to me.)