Dead XBox

Original Short Rant:

The XBox that I turned into a server somehow now refuses to boot. Thankfully all the data on the hard drive in it is completely fine. I will be spending the next several days recovering the data.

New Blog Rant: Well, my XBox did die. Thankfully, luijin had left one of his few computers here with me, so I turned one of them into a good solid Ubuntu based server. I've become quite the Ubuntu fan, using it on my PS3 and my 'new' server. I suppose I'm highly satisfied with the fact that the distribution is extremely easy to install, even for a non-Linux geek like me.

I got my new server set up in about an hour, going for nothing to complete LAMP + SAMBA server installation on an aging computer. Of course, the fact that I had plenty of headless Debian experience from my earlier XBox was probably a great help, but Ubuntu is an excellent distribution - it's easy to install while being rather full-featured for the desktop, and the server disk makes it extremely easy to set up a headless server with practically nothing but the bare minimum needed to function.

(Yes, it's the same hard drive, just that now the server has many times the power, although it's probably consuming twice the normal amount of power. Oh well, didn't have much of a choice, it was between that or another XBox.)

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