Many Days of Studying Later...

If you recall, I suddenly went on hiatus after day 6 of daily updates. It's not that I didn't prepare those posts after that, I just decided that I could not sustain it if I were to maintain my resolution to study - so they will be put on permanent hold and while it will go on for a while more when I get back to Malaysia, it will end prematurely since I only prepared so much material. In fact, I might never post it and just post the answer to the last one. The reason it will end prematurely is because number 1, I am studying for my exams and have no time to continue it - and number 2, I am probably moving out of Arrow on Swanston next year. That means that I will leave this place, and a lot of the old clues that I had planned to stack up to the more complicated puzzles will no longer be relevant since I can no longer take photos in this current apartment. What it does mean though is that you can expect it to continue in a new stream some time next year when I've moved into the new apartment. (if it is successful)

In the meantime, I'm feeling sick currently, and might have to skip studying to recover from whatever it is I am suffering from, like I did yesterday. As you can see, problems are plaguing me as it is. On that note, this blog will take a hiatus until 12th December. There might be posts here and there, but I shall give a good date to follow. The reason for the hiatus being that I might not have the ability to go online after Nov 26th (a long trip round Australia) and that I might not have the free time to blog after Nov 20th (due to packing and misc. reasons.

(And oh yeah, I've updated WordPress 2.04 to 2.05. Please report any issues you encounter so I can fix them. :D)