After a Nice Hiatus

Want to know what I've been doing? Nothing interesting really, but I suppose I should begin posting regularly again. Don't want my poor readers to lose interest again. I hate getting writer's block, and this round was an especially bad case of that. I suppose I should begin writing Magic card articles again, but before I end my 24 day hiatus, I suppose a nice imaginary card is in order:


(Just because I'm not typing blog posts doesn't mean I'm dead. How do you like my new Suspend card? Yes, I know it's lame.)

Notes: I know the card doesn't make sense, but I thought trying to use suspend would be more fun than using old methods. For non-Magic players, it's merely in a sense an uncounterable... um... Hiatus. I wanted to word it in a more non-Magic player friendly way, but even then I've already modified this card beyond even normal Magic borders, so I eventually decided to sort of to at least parody part of the original reminder text.

To be honest, I intended to write a far more entertaining piece:

Suspend 24 days - 0 (Rather than play this card from your hand, pay 0 and remove it from the game with infinitely many time counters on it. After that, remove time counters continuously from it. (You may continue with the game while you are doing this.) At the end of 24 days, remove all time counters from this card and play it without paying its mana cost.)

Further notes not to be put on the card: You do not actually have to place an arbitrarily large amount of counters on the card, A far easier alternative would be to record the time the card was suspended, and play it when the time has come. Note that in this case, Hiatus doesn't do anything useful when it is played, but rather when it is suspended. In a sense, this card affects the game while it is removed from the game, but when it is played, goes on the stack, does nothing and goes to the graveyard. What a worthless card!