Chapter 2 - 02: On Nakamura

Meanwhile, on the surface, Harrison and Kanya are walking through the shopping district. Advancements in transport technology and efficiency meant that most modern colonised planets only had one main city. Politics are minimal since corporations fund operations and although they do not exercise their influence upon the planet, any major expenditure has to be filed with the corporation. "Where did Cassandra go anyway?" Kanya asked.

"Where else could she go? Deep into the darkest depths of the Nakamura shopping district, to never return until ordered to," Harrison joked.


"Oh yeah, you haven't gotten a paycheck yet. I'll lend you some money if you need it. I'll just take it out of your paycheck later. I do still have jurisdiction over your money. Heh."

"I'll just borrow some and go off."

"Go ahead. Just remember to keep track of time and come back when your PDD tells you to. We have an important visitor coming onboard the ship later."

With that, Kanya dashes off into one of the stores. He doesn't have much of a wardrobe besides his several sets of uniform. He has plenty of things to buy.

Meanwhile, Cassandra is sitting in a small cafe. Her PDD shows a shopping list, with half of it ticked and coloured green. She then notices that she has a new message.


The message was short, but she had been told of the meaning before this. She had about an hour and a half before it came. It meant that she would have to leave after her short meal at the cafe.