How Not to Study for an Exam

I know plenty of people have said a lot of crap about how to study for exams, why you should study. Even the topic I've chosen is commonplace. My turn to spout crap over how you shouldn't study for an exam. 1. Have your computer screen, keyboard and mouse in front of you as you are studying. - You have this tendency to watch old anime, new anime, old TV shows, new TV shows, as well as read any damn crap you can think of including manga, Wikipedia, Google, World Cup news and so on.

2. Take interest in anything other than the coming exams. - It's bad enough that you have to remember the hundreds upon thousands of formulas, you have no space to spare for information that wouldn't help you with your exams like what football matches are happening tonight, how to play DotA and other pieces of useless information like what is happening in Bleach, Naruto and god knows what other things you are interested in.

3. Have an instant messaging client open. - Unless you happen to need to discuss or ask questions regarding exams. An IM client around would serve to be a good source of entertainment, distraction as well as fun. You do not wish for this to happen at any time if you happen to need to memorise several hundred facts in your head with the capability to regurgitate.

4. Do blog often during exams. - Blogging is a great way to release stress and waste time thinking. I have a paper in roughly 2 - 3 days. It's a very bad idea to blog, especially write stories like mine while studying. :D

5. Start playing a new game. - If you start playing a new addictive game, expect to be addicted enough to neglect your studies if you aren't careful. Of course, I'm very careful. Time management is key.

6. Compile your scribbles last minute. - If you do compile last minute, expect to desperate dig through several thousand sheets of paper, and do expect to be missing some notes. :D