Chapter 1 - 11: The Other End of the Trade Gate

Pandora immediately relays a command to the ship's commander: "Depart for Nakamura at once." The ship's commander, John Hummings, immediately passes the order on to his crew. "What's the hurry? The pirates weren't here to attack us."

Pandora replies, "They weren't. Something else was. If we don't leave soon, that something else will."

"Understood. I'm going to assume Erse still wants everything classified as high as I can put it?"


An announcement boomed through the halls of the ship: "Attention to all passengers, we will be making a jump soon. Please note that all Meganet activity will cease until we have completed the jump."

A comment escaped from Cassandra's lips, "That was hasty. She must have gotten information about something."

"I wonder what Nakamura looks like."

"You'll know soon enough. Maybe more of your memories will return when you see it. You should've been through the Dekaten System plenty of times."


Within less than an hour, the MV2904 made the jump. It would have to travel another day or two to reach Nakamura.

"My crew will be leaving for the Aegis soon. I'll be staying behind for a while," Pandora told John.

"What for? Your services are no longer needed on this ship. Anyway, wouldn't you have matters to attend to on the Aegis? You are pretty important."

"I have things to discuss with Ms. Atlam. I believe she's the head of your fighter crew."

"Erse has took an interest in her, huh?"

"Unfortunately, I cannot divulge any further information to you. Pointless TRi protocol."

"At least it's more lenient the GMTi ones. Under the GMTi protocol, you wouldn't even be allowed to tell me why you came onboard."

"I wish I didn't have to be military staff."

"Your piloting skills are superb. Everyone knows that. Of course, you are Chief Engineer for the TRi."

"I'm still wondering why the Gifted don't want to recognise me. It doesn't make much sense."

"Nothing you could do about that. Even Erse wasn't let into the GMTi although she's recognised."

"They've turned into politicians more than the 'Gifted'."


"OK, I'm going to head back to my temporary quarters. I'll be gone as soon as we dock with one of the Nakamura's orbital stations."

"Understood. We'll prepare for Erse's visit as soon as possible after we land."

"You'd better."


"We're so close to Nakamura I can smell it," Harrison said jokingly.

"It's still at least 24 hours before we get there. That's assuming there wasn't any damage to the engine systems during the last incident," Cassandra said sharply.

"What's Kanya doing now anyway?"

"He's in his quarters. God knows what he does in there."

"Oh yeah, by the way, Pandora asked me to pass you some message."

Harrison hands over a piece of folded paper.

"Who in the world still uses paper? What in the world be so important that she couldn't send it to my PDD?"

Cassandra read the piece of paper.

"She wants to meet me at the VR room tomorrow?"

"Any idea what for?"

"I don't know. Maybe she wants to make up for having to disappear into the middle of nowhere today."