Chapter 1 - 07: Pandora's Arrival

Classes were over, dinner was finished and Kanya was tired. Of course, nothing could beat the timing of the announcement that was to come at 10pm. A loud voice boomed through the speakers. "This is an announcement regarding our arrival at the trading station. Our arrival at the trade station will be delayed indefinitely due to an issue concerning our engines. We have an engineering team from the TRi Aegis to assist our own in order to expedite the process."

Kanya was too tired to bother.


Meanwhile, an investigation was ongoing in the engine room.

"Someone tampered with one of the limiters on the one of the zero point control modules," one of the engineers said.

A girl, probably not much older than 16-17 years of age, was next to him, looking at the same thing. "It looks like it had to be someone ranking pretty high on this ship. No ordinary engineer could have gotten access to the innards of these systems."

"Whoever did it replaced an entire board here so force it to overload."

Another engineer suddenly rushed in. "Pandora, our long range sensors just detected a group of pirate ships closing in on our position."

"The nearest pirate base is way too far off for them to have not planned this attack."

Pandora replied, "I have my suspicions, because I'm quite certain we don't have any pirates on this ship. Something else is up. Either way, this ship is ready to go. Inform the Aegis of our findings."

"Aren't we going back?"

"It's way too dangerous to return now."

"But all the equipment is back on the ..."

"I will not have all of you risking your lives over something as trivial as the analysis of the control board. An operative aboard a medical vessel is of a small concern. I've contacted the adminstration of this vessel, and they've agreed to house us until we arrive at Nakamura."

"Nakamura? Isn't that a lot further into the Dekaten System?"

"This ship cannot be allowed to dock this close to a possible attack. The upcoming trade station has been warned, and we are immediately making a jump from the trade gate from there to Nakamura. Erse already knows of this plan. Move along."


A loud voice boomed through the speakers again at 11pm. "Due to the risk of pirate attacks, the MV2904 will be making a jump as soon as we arrive at the trade gate. We will make a longer stop at Nakamura instead."