Chapter 1 - 03: Today is Monday

"Please come in," Kanya replied. A young nurse came in. "Where's Harrison?" she asked.

"He left quite a while ago."

"I brought food and drinks. So you're the new one, huh?"

"New one?"

"Never mind. You'll find out later anyway."

"Find out what?"

"Let's change the topic - have you heard of that Erse Arete is coming to visit the ship?"

"Who's Erse Arete?"

"You've even forgotten something like that? She's the 29th Gifted. We're meeting them at the station we're stopping at to resupply. She's quite fond of walking through any ships she happens to come across during any of her long trips."


"On second thought, maybe I should just leave you to your own devices for a while. It seems you don't remember much. The console in your room should have access the Terran Meganet. You should find out everything you need to know from there."


"I'll leave you alone for now. And by the way, your room number is 230. In case you've forgotten that, or blindly followed Harrison without looking at your room number behind you. Which you probably did."

Kanya nodded in response.

"I suggest you return to your room once you're done with the file. You'll have a long day ahead of you tomorrow."