Tests Are Over, Break Is Nearing

Today, I completed my Maths A midsemester test. While I wouldn't say that I did it at my best, since I cut it pretty close, writing my answer all the way to the last second. Then again, it might be me and my affinity for lengthy explanations to even the simplest of answers. With that said, my break is nearing as Easter looms near. I have this Friday off, as well as the whole of next week. Expect frequent blogging interruptions when I have too much fun for my own good next week. I expect to be busy finishing some games and probably starting new ones as time passes.

I'm am posting this from the ICT Building of Melbourne Uni over the wireless connection. (Yes, Arrow's Internet has been going bonkers lately. I'm a very patient person. At least I'd like to think so. Who cares? As long as my consoles are working, the problem is pretty miniscule.)