Ten Days at Arrow on Swanston

I've heard loads of complaints about this place. This place called Arrow on Swanston. Some people have numerous stories to tell about this place. Among them, how horrible the service at reception can be. How cramped this place is. How expensive this place is. Despite hearing all this, I decided to come here and try it out anyway. I believe I need to go through this sort of ritual and see what it was like. In my first ten days here, I've found that I wouldn't mind spending a day in here. It's pretty cosy sure, but heck, I could sleep and laze around all day in this apartment. I've got a nice roommate too. The biggest problem I've found is that I've got a lot of adjusting to do here. The learning culture here is very different from Malaysia. I like the learning culture here, but it's going to take some getting used to before I can contribute as much as the locals here to tutorials and everything.

I've also realised that I shouldn't take any subject I got again. Ever. I went to an Introductory Microeconomics tutorial as part of my orientation. A billion things were coursing through my head and answers were popping up like magic. I was already well on my way. Only problem was, in my mind were also why the scope was so narrow. It was then it hit me I couldn't possibly ever do this class again. Sure, my assignments would probably be superb, like those I did for my diploma, which could pretty much even surprise lecturers, but I couldn't possible sit through lectures like that. I would die laughing in the class. Intermediate would probably be more to my taste now.

Today, I went to have a look at the Management class. I was intrigued since the lecturer was really selling his subject well. Unlike my previous Management lecturer in HELP UC, he could hold my attention. He was creating interest in what is essentially a very dry subject. I have nothing but praise for him. I'm pretty sure not all lecturers are like who I saw these few days, but if the lecturers and tutors are about this level (or slightly lower), learning here will be fun, regardless how hard the subject is! Assignments will probably be less fun since they'll probably be expected to be much higher quality - but I'll learn quickly. With all the resources in the uni, I shouldn't have too much of trouble. :D