The Results... Are Coming

My entire education future depends on the outcome of last semester's results. Or at least, I'd like to think so, and I believe I speak the truth. (Note that this does not mean what I say is true, just might be. 64.7% chance, maybe?) The first of my results came in recently. Of course, this is probably the only subject where the paper didn't get shipped all the way to Australia that I took last semester. The results changed into *** on HELP University College's MyPride system when I checked on Monday, and that changed into a nice looking grade about a day later. Why they didn't just update the whole thing at once is beyond me, since there were only five people in the class - couldn't have taken longer than half an hour, even for someone with some form of mental illness to put it in - rather than nicely place those ***s there first. Now, as I was saying, my entire future probably hinges on the outcome of the other two subjects whose results have yet to be released. Apparently, Australian universities take a lot longer to process any sort of paperwork than HELP University College does. It's astounding how fast staff at HELP UC can help you get things done, if you might compare them to the Immigration Department above. (insert "don't believe me, go try it yourself" look on face)

Now, for the course I'm doing, those two subjects don't really matter. They don't give me any extra credit, they don't give me any benefit other than looking pretty (or more likely than not, UGLY) on my transcript. Of course, if only the Australian universities I applied to could see that, but I'd say some of them are pretty stubborn. Heck, some even refused to send so much as a conditional offer with impossible conditions attached to it, but instead mailed me a beautiful looking letter (using their nice stationery) asking for me to update the application when I had the final transcript.

Guess what? These universities weren't the ones I expected to be picky. In fact, the ones I expected to be picky actually sent conditional offer letters. Of course, these letters are actually roughly the same as update us with your results letters, but seeing the words CONDITIONAL OFFER is a great morale boost. Of course, morale boosts were useless when the letters did come, considering that they came weeks after my finals. Life is so interesting.

What are the three subjects that I took last semester? Quantitive Analysis, Business Law and Marketing. I believe my lousily-written Business Law and Marketing papers got shipped to Australia for marking, so it's obvious which subject's results came first. Business Law and Marketing grades are probably pivotal to my entry to the university of my choice. Heck, it's a core subject for my Diploma!

What is the university of my choice? I haven't quite decided yet. I'm battling in my mind where to go before the offers come in, if the offers did come in. If they didn't, my life would be made simpler. No choices to make. At all. I don't have to spend sleepless nights thinking which city I should go to, which university will suit my better or which lifestyle is better for me. I've even been asking close friends, but few have advice I could since I've either heard of their advice already, or I already generated that advice for myself. If you think it's stupid to be dabbling between offers, I can tell you it's as sure as hell stupid sounding, but it's your bloody future on the line, you won't be kidding yourself. Trust me, you'll be thinking about it 24/7 until you make the decision. Even after you make the decision, you'll be spending nights and nights thinking about it.

But I digress from the main topic. So I got my results for Quantitative Analysis. What are they? I've leave that to you to speculate. After all, I'll probably have it in black and white roughly 3 weeks from now, probably. Heh. I'll be sure to gloat about wherever it is I'm going, if I'm going at all that is. Stupid pessimism. :D