Boredom Sets In

It's been roughly 21 days since I last went to a class or exam paper. I'm bored out of my mind now. I thought I could try to spend the time trying to keep myself busy by formulating Sword Fantasy's many many components, but I'm finding my attention wavering on anything and everything except games. To top it off, I've just finished most of the many games I bought with intention of finishing and I'm now without any games to play. Does this mean I can move on to games I never intended to finish? No. The main reason I never intended to finish them was because they had an uninteresting storyline, bad gameplay or some other part I couldn't stand.

Then, I moved on to start learning a new programming language. Or so I thought. The end of the story was that I decided that I knew enough of the language, and needed to advance my knowledge with a new book, which I now would not buy since I probably wouldn't use it for more than simple studying.

My desperation has led me back to Magic. A game with little chance of ever boring me as I explore the crazy ways to win I had planned. Then, I decided that there were no fun crazy ways to win in Ravnica available, at least not yet apparent to me, but from the way I see it, I'm seeing loads and loads of aggressive decks that are bound to show up, but for now, since I haven't really combed through the entire spoiler (yes, I'm sick of it too), I don't see any fun ways to win yet.

I'm soooo bored. Nothing in the world could save me from this boredom of doom... even Hecatomb isn't picking up enough interest for me since too few people play it, and the card pool is not very very limited. Imagine playing a TCG with 144 cards, and comparing that to the far more mature Magic which has thousands of cards in the pool. Of course, I have no doubt that it will become a very interesting game in the long run. What else can you expect from a game which uses 5 sided plastic cards?