Review of iPod mini Review

Was my call on the iPod mini unjustified? I insulted it like it was something made of completely cheap material and byond what I would every pay for a player of that quality. I wouldn't buy an iPod mini until all the simple flaws I pointed out are fixed. Then again, would I buy any other iPod? I might consider. I'm hammering the iPod mini because of my unexpected disappointment with its audio quality and much more over its hype as a RM1000 player. It's actually fine by most standards - but my ears and m brain tend to demand more out an audio player - it's incapability to reproduce sound to my standards is actually quite normal, I've probably thrown out many players as useless out of my despair in looking for a player that can do the job that my computer is doing. Is it the earphones of the iPod? I don't think so - I'm quite certain they are fine although mine might be better. I'm hoping future incarnations of the iPod mini will improve considerably over its earlier siblings - but it's unlikely it'll be an iPod mini I'll be looking at by the time it does improve to my standards. I will review a new game after my exams - SWAT 4.