Boycott U•Bowl!

Recently, my friends and I decided to make a visit to U•Bowl, which is the new bowling alley in 1 Utama. The result of my visit is my decision to boycott U•Bowl. Why do I say we should boycott this place? OK, now, people who know me, know that I have huge feet (US size 12). The biggest shoe size they have there is 12. The problem? The shoes are actually about a half size smaller than the numbers on the shoes. Therefore, I couldn't wear their shoes. They were gracious enough to refund the money for both the shoe rental and socks. The other thing was that the bowling lanes were slightly more narrow, and slightly shorter than what I thought was normal. The balls of the preferred weight of 8-10 were few are far in between. I had to search for five minutes to find a good 10 ball, and another 5 minutes to find an 8 ball. My friend appeared to like the 8 ball a lot, but then realised that he actually bowled a lot better with a 10. Despite my lack of house shoes, I decided to try bowling in my sandals anyway. I was, of course, impeded greatly by the fact that I had to evade their wardens. It was a game of hiding my sandals. My bowling was as terrible as usual, but it was still fun. I'm still working on how to get the ball to spin fast enough while sliding. Been studying the physics of the game for the two sessions that I've had lately.

The cost of games have been exorbitant - RM6 on weekends per person - per game. It's actually quite bad, but I don't care - doesn't really matter to me - I'm not going there anymore - not with my money, at least. Life is good. Boycott U•Bowl. Have a nice day.