A New Computer - Sort of

I have plans this few weeks. I plan to build a new computer. Surprising? Not really. I've been collecting spare parts from all my upgrades, and I've just realised that I'm not that far away from a new computer. All I need it a new processor and motherboard, which isn't too far away. I've proposed the idea, and so far it's been looking pretty bright. I'm probably getting a Athlon 64 3000+ processor. That's about the only certain thing. The other part is whether I should be getting a Winchester core or Newcastle core one. I've been looking at the options, and they both look pretty expensive, to be honest. I'm trying to get hold of a cheap and good Socket 939 motherboard. For all those non tech geeks out there, this socket is the one your billion transistor processor goes into and the motherboard is where everything gets plugged into. Of course, the motherboard won't come cheap, but I'm trying to get one at a good discount. :P I'm pretty sure everyone is going to be shocked with what motherboard I'll be using, since I think it's pretty high end for my budget. ;)