Chapter 0 - 01: Prologue Part 1

The year is 3021 AD. Nothing is the same as it was one thousand years ago. Humans have left the planet known as Earth for more than a century now. They have looked throughout the universe for a new place to stay, finding various planets with various resources, including foreign minerals. The exploration began long before the war on Earth, but many planets within our own galaxy have been left unexplored. Humans are now living mostly on space stations and battle ships, due to the advanced level of technology now made possible with the new metals found on foreign planets. While only ten planets have been colonised since our departure from Earth, we have travelled further than ever before to find a number of planets with less developed civilizations. It has been decided that it would be unwise to interfere with the natural development of these planets until they reached at least the level of technology similar to that of Earth's 1000 years ago.

This was enforced with a pact forged among the corporations that controlled the systems within the known universe. The companies found the pact reasonable and signed it. Among its terms included trade restrictions within the sector the planet was located as well as rules set down to disallow any interference with their development. This pact was forged approximately ten years ago, and is known as the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact.

As of now, there have been additional corporations formed within the nearby galaxies, each funding itself with intergalactic trade with galaxies further away. These corporations were not bound by the pact, but most of them adhered to the rules, in belief that it would maintain peace in the galaxies. During this time where there is no government to rule over the corporations, there were two advanced companies, larger and more powerful than the rest.

Over the past decade, tensions between these two corporations have risen, despite the fact the corporations still willingly share resources and information. The two corporations have pressured their allies into pledging allegiance, as if to prove that each one is more powerful than the other. Most smaller corporations have already fallen to such pressures and have taken sides in the conflict. While no battles have ensued between these two companies, it is inevitable that a war would begin eventually, regardless of efforts made to stop it.

One of the companies, Galaxy MicroTech Inc. has been in existence since the departure from Earth. Because of its excessively long history, its origins have been clouded, but it is believed to have originally manufactured space craft and advanced weapons for the Earth Government as well as played a major role in the departure of humans from the planet Earth. It had been experimenting with new energy sources ever since its headquarters moved into the orbit of Mars.

Takamatsu-Ran Industries was formed recently, roughly only two decades ago. Fuelled by simple tasks such as computer systems assembly, it is ironic to say that GMTi was once its biggest client until fifteen years ago. It now trades for food and resources with the Ruj and Kploir systems. TRI has recently discovered a new explosive material, and now is producing massive amounts of strong alloy discovered by its own research labs.

As of the month of May, both companies are still actively trading for each other's finished goods. However, under the surface, the board of directors of both companies are already preparing for the inevitable battle.

--to be continued--