Fun with Ethernet

Well, yesterday, I felt bored while waiting for my next class, so I fiddled around with a few computers in one of the labs in HELP Main Block. I found a seriously fundamental flaw in the computer systems around here. I believe the main purpose of Netware was to prevent students from using the computers without providing HELP with revenue ($$$). By forcing us to pay, they would gain huge amounts of revenue every semester from students who were willing to pay. Therefore, there was a fundamental flaw in the system. In fact, it was blatantly HUGE. Since Yam's computer account expired recently, we were finding new ways to poke fun at the system, and gain economic profit from it. Guess what? We did. All we had to do was disconnect the computer from the network and prevent it from connecting to the login servers, and reconnect it so it could access the proxy servers. Because the proxy servers lacked need for authentication (yes, can be used for routing if you're good), you could still accesss the Internet, the computer and so on.

(Stay tuned for part 2! :D)