Who is Mad?

Let's talk about mad people. Most of them are actually people who think and act differently around other people. Some are paranoid, some have a compulsion to kill things, some are even capable of inventing entire worlds with their minds. They will express themselves, treaten and scream at people who seem to be of some threat to them. But you see, what about the rest of us? We do what everybody else does, we go to work, get money, spend it on necessities, then we splurge on wants. Some mad people want to kill themselves for good reasons. Some of them are haunted by the devil, some of them are haunted by nightmares, horrors of being raped, tortured, and murdered. What about normal people suicide? We could be killing ourselves over simple things, usually simple things such as loneliness, debts and merely not wanting to die by the hand of another. Thinking about this, who is mad? We are. They want to get away from true hell, but we only want to run away from what we cannot face.

We put the most dangerous mad people in asylums to keep them away. Some people inside are actually in there voluntarily as they believe that they themselves are a threat to society. These psychopaths are so simple to spot. They do not want to avoid being caught, simply because they know that they have done no wrong, despite they know that they might have killed a demon or two on the way. What about professional assasins? Murderers? They kill despite knowing it is wrong. How many of us will die if something bad happens? They are difficult to catch because they are not 'mad', they are apparently just being clever. But we do not they are mad. It simply goes against morality to kill people, spy on people. You will probably be saying: "Wait a minute, are not these people disturbed in some way?" Here's the news: they are not in any way as mad as people in asylums. They are more or less actually following their desires. Mad people follow survival instincts.

Mad people can find solace in the oddest of places, while some of us can never find it at all. I suppose all we have as a consolation over 'mad' people is that we can live together with security.