Seemingly Unending Hiatus

I've been studying and thinking about a lot of other things - and those tend to lead to writer's block. I've been thinking about filling in with 4koma (like I did for a while), photography (which I also did for a while), writing a story (which I did a long while back). And then I suddenly thought about making a viable version of an application for table top card games. I thought, why not make a table top card game version with fully scriptable cards? Of course, if I did make one, the first target would be Magic, and Wizards would probably come after me - but hey, unlike the makers of Magic Workstation, I have no intention of selling it.

Scheduling Problem

Apparently, my site had a problem with whatever new scheduling implementation is in Wordpress 2.7. I didn't notice until today when I realised the post I wrote for 2 days ago didn't show up. Grrrr...

Studying and Interviews are Taxing Time

Updating the blog is becoming an uphill battle, with studying and going to job interviews consuming a lot of my time. Hopefully - this will lead my life somewhere interesting. In case you're wondering, I'm still working on getting out that D90 article. I intend to eventually write a review - even though I know nowhere close to enough about dSLRs.

Short Announcement About Posting Regularity

There's a good chance of me not posting anything (not even photos or short rants) the last two weeks of November since I have exams (which I really need to do well in this time) and I have to move out as well. I already have the whole of next week planned out - and I intend to end with a nice long post - which will be about something random - so prepare to be partially surprised. UPDATE: That long post? Cancelled due to studying for exam.

Blog Upgrade!

I've done some shuffling here and there to the category hierarchy, updated to WordPress 2.6.3 - and most importantly: NEW THEME! Do report any bugs you find. Update: Modified new theme to remove tag related material - I intend to use tags eventually, just not yet.